Roller Hockey, also known as Inline hockey, is played on a dry flat surface where the players use inline skates (otherwise called roller blades) or quad skates (the older type of skate used at roller rinks).  The more predominate type of roller hockey is now played with inline skates. 

Roller hockey can be played with a ball or a puck (usually hard sliding puck).   


Roller Hockey, like Ice and Floor Hockey, is typically played 5 on 5 with 3 forwards and 2 defensemen.  Goalies do not count in this equation but are of course on the rink.
Roller hockey can also be played 4 on 4 (skaters) plus a goalie.  The rink is divided by a center line (no blue lines) with the goalies at each end defending their nets.  The game is broken down into two 20 minute halves.  Goalies, especially the more experienced ones, will wear inline skates as well, but many recreation leagues have no such requirement for goalies for competitive purposes.


Ideally, an indoor rink, with dasher boards and glass is the optimal location to play a roller hockey game.  The flooring surface is made up of either plastic tiles, wood or concrete.  The main idea for the flooring surface is to provide a surface that allows the wheels of the inline skates to grip the surface for skating purposes.  Such places usually run organized leagues with schedules and referees.  Failing that, a gymnasium or other indoor location can be used but the corners will usually not be rounded which eliminates many strategic plays made during a game.   

If playing roller hockey outdoors, once again a rink with dasher boards and glass is the best choice.  For just a pick up game, a basketball or tennis court will work very well (watch out for the poles if they can’t be removed).  If you can’t get to a basketball or tennis court, your driveway or the street will do just fine.  Playing in the street gets a bit annoying moving the nets for the cars, avoiding cars and chasing the ball (and not necessarily in that order) so try to find a less traveled street.

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